Welcome to Marriage Preparation

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! We are pleased to offer the specific courses that will strengthen your knowledge of, and prepare you and your spouse for this important and meaningful sacrament. The marriage preparation program has several steps which are outlined below, including attending the Life Skills for Marriage Preparation Pre-Cana and Sacramental Preparation: God’s Plan for a Joy Filled Marriage classes.

"Your every act should be done with love” Corinthians 16-14

Step 1: Contact the Parish: The marriage preparation process begins with your first call to the parish inquiring about being married in the Church. Call as soon as you get engaged. A member of the parish staff will facilitate arrangements to meet with the pastoral minister (usually a priest or deacon at the parish). A date for the wedding may not be entered into the parish calendar until this meeting has taken place.

Step 2: Initial Meeting with Priest or Deacon: At the time of the first meeting, the pastoral minister will explain the marriage preparation process and provide information about the marriage preparation programs you are required to attend. The pastoral minister will begin to fill out the necessary canonical forms and explain which Church and civil documents are required.

Step 3: Complete a Premarital Inventory: The engaged couple will complete a premarital inventory (for example, the Archdiocesan Marriage Survey or FOCCUS.) A premarital inventory provides a personalized profile of your relationship. The feedback covers topic areas important to marriage, life style expectations, friends, interest, personality match, personal issues, problem solving, communication, dual careers, religion and values. The inventory should be taken prior to attending the marriage preparation classes and can be arranged through your priest or deacon..

Step 4: Register For/Attend Pre-Marital Instruction Classes: There are 2 mandatory marriage preparation classes. Classes are offered virtually via Zoom and a link will be emailed to the couple 2 days prior to the scheduled session. The bride will receive the necessary workbooks for the classes 7-10 days prior via US Mail.

  • “God’s Plan for a Joy Filled Marriage” is designed to help engaged couples understand and embrace a Catholic vision of married love. The “God’s Plan” session provides a full catechesis of the Church’s teaching, in an uplifting manner that resonates within the human heart. Based on Pope John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body”, this session is intended to enhance a key component of marriage preparation: catechesis in the theology of marriage and a gift of human sexuality. Cost $100
  • “Life Skills Marriage Preparation” (Pre Cana): This class offers practical insights and assistance in building a successful marriage. Topics covered include: communication, conflict resolution, family of origin, finance and more. Cost $100
  • Optional: Natural Family Planning: Options for distance learning Natural Family Planning seminars can be found here https://www.usccb.org/topics/natural-family-planning/nfp-distance-learning.

Step 5: Continue meeting with Priest or Deacon: Continue formation meetings with the pastoral minister to present the necessary forms (Certificates of Completion, Sacramental forms, etc.) review pre-marital inventory results and choose liturgical options.

For questions or additional information, please visit the Office of Family Life website.